We made it!

We are in Italy and pretty well settled in our new place. The city is nice, as much as we have seen, and the people seem kind as well.

The flights were good, long, but good. It was quite the experience to feel like you were traveling for 24 hours straight.

Today we caught up on sleep, went to the beach, ate some pizza and pasta, and had some fantastic gelato! I know every day won’t be like today, but it was a good start to a  great adventure for sure.



5 days

5 more days and we are off to Italy. The house is about empty and we have started our final good byes. It has been tough saying “Ciao” to family and friends.  We are hopeful that everyone will come visit us, but not at the same time!

Stay tuned.


10 more

Only 10 days left until we head across the pond. We are almost counting down. If we weren’t so darn busy, we would be!

Trying to get all our shipping stuff ready so it can go out tomorrow. It should be in the middle of the Atlantic by now as it should have been sent about 2 weeks ago, but oh well.

It is getting real at this point: Italy for a year or  2, weekends and holiday around Europe, living in a different culture…it is going to be quite the experience.

It can’t get here soon enough.

11 Days and Counting

This has been quite the journey already.

Our last piece of paperwork is on the way back to us after our trip to the Italian Consulate in Chicago. All went well, and we should have our visas by the end of the week. Chicago was a great place to visit. I’m sure we will be going there again for a longer vacation at some point.

The decision to leave Southern Colorado and teach in Italy for a year, maybe two, was one we made together; not an easy decision, but one we will never regret guaranteed.

Southern Italy is more our speed and personality it seems like;  from what I have read.  It is going to be tough to leave family, but the journey will be one we will always remember and is an opportunity of a lifetime. We are looking forward to it.

I hope to blog and give updates on a consistent basis.

Talk soon.